Unlock the value of your data chain

GNT® Is Your Chief Data Officer

Analysis and Business Intelligence

Risk and business analysis to support your business and product development.

Data Collection and Management

Get the right data managed the right way so you can use it, right away.

Enterprise Sales and Adoption Strategy

The hard part is selling it. And getting renewals. Let's do this.

Business and Technical Strategy

Launching new products? We're there with development, design, and strategy.


Need analyst, dev, or technical support for your Palantir stack? Of course you do.

Compliance and Legal Review

Technical-legal review of contracts, Web sites, and data practices, thanks to our partner, a boutique IP law firm.

Our Clients span industries, connected by the common thread of using data to drive decisions and product development.

About Us

GNT® is a technical consulting firm that provides analytical and technical services to the public and private sectors. Our Client base consists of organizations interested in and open to data-driven innovative solutions. GNT focuses on delivering the best data, analytical, and technical answers.

System and Analytical Solutions

System and Analytical Solutions

Train your analysts, leverage your data

A risk-analysis company ventured into new territory with a contract to confirm a possible insider threat who was stealing the company's intellectual property. The company needed additional help, which we delivered: GNT requested, managed, and synthesized additional disparate data sets, ETLing them into the Client's analytical platform. Ultimately the insider threat was confirmed through GNT's training of analysts to create behavioral profiles.

System Success

System Success

Iterate to win, grow to succeed

A Silicon Valley start-up needed help—subject matter, technical, data management and modeling, and software development expertise--standing up their new system and driving user adoption after signing a deal with a major new customer. GNT for the assist; the team for the win.

Technical and Business Strategy

Technical and Business Strategy

More products, less costs

A financial publishing startup knew finance and publishing, but the company didn't know business, software/Web development, and how to exploit the data their business and customers generated. After six months, they realized they needed help. GNT reduced marketing costs 10x while increasing effectiveness 5x and implemented business processes so technical requirements were driven by the business, not the outsourced developers. Product platforms were standardized to reduce costs and launch times. Everyone is happy, except for the competition.



Old Hands at New Tech

We know Palantir like few companies. From standing up new deployments, providing third-party due diligence and support to existing stacks, or ensuring organizations and their analysts get the most out of their data and Palantir platform, we've done it. Now let's do it together.

GNT is hiring. Web developers, data scientists, systems analysts/integrators, and risk analysts wanted.